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Default Driving to Jasper in January?

I have a work thing all expense paid thing in Jasper but I have to get myself up there. I've never gone in the winter before, is it a sketchey drive in january?
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If it storms the highway from Lake Louise to Jasper will be closed or in very bad shape. For sure bring winter tires or chains.

If that highway is bad you can always take the 1 to edmonton to the 16 which usually will be in good shape but the drive is like 8 hrs instead of 5.
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It can be bad, double check the road reports before you go.

More photos on Flickr
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I come in on 16 a lot in the winter and have never had a problem but 93 is often closed due to weather.
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The 16 to Edmonton is most definitely adding hours to your trip, but more likely to be in better condition. Check road conditions first!
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Well as we all know predicting winter weather in Alberta is a super simple and accurate thing to do.
You should be fine.
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Calgary to Red Deer then take Highway 11A to Sylvan Lake. Head north at Sylvan Lake towards Rimbey/Breton. Follow highway to Alsike. Turn left..head to Drayton Valley. Continue north from Drayton Valley to Evansburg/Entwhistle. Take Highway 16 West to Jasper. Wave as you drive through Edson, I'll wave back!
Cuts some time down and much safer drive in January.
When I was transfered here from Calgary, its the route that I always took.
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Most of my SO's family is in Prince George, so we often drive up there, via Jasper. I've driven that road in all kind of conditions and it can be very sketchy at times. Throw in tourists who have no business driving that road in some of those conditions, and it can be a nightmare. On the flip side, if it's a sunny winter day, with clear skies, that drive is eye candy the whole way.

My suggestion: Make sure you have winter tires, don't be in a hurry, and enjoy the scenery if you can. Also, if you're driving in blowing snow and there are plow banks on either side of the road, hug the bank on your side as close as you possibly can. This will help you avoid a head-on with people coming the other direction who think that driving partially in your lane due to the snow bank on their side is somehow OK to do. That gets your heart going!
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From the drop-down, select 93 North . That's the official highway report. There are gates that close off up to two segments of the highway when the conditions are bad.
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