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Default Eruzione jersey sells for $657K


The jersey worn by Mike Eruzione, the captain of the 1980 U.S. hockey team that shocked the Russians 33 years ago in the famous "Miracle On Ice" game, sold for $657,250 on Saturday night. The stick Eruzione used in the game was purchased for $262,900 in an auction conducted by Heritage Auctions in New York City.

Other items Eruzione sold through the auction company included his jersey worn in the gold medal win against Finland ($286,800), the warmup suit he wore during the gold medal ceremony ($26,290), Eruzione-used Team USA gloves ($53,775) and used pants ($26,680).
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Making fun of Peter Pocklington.

Oilers suck.

Carry on.
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Either the buyer has way too much money, or this was money laundering disguised as an auction.
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Do you think Paul Henderson's or Phil Esposito's threads from 72 would fetch more?
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Originally Posted by Yamer View Post
Do you think Paul Henderson's or Phil Esposito's threads from 72 would fetch more?

I don't think those prices are insane for serious collectors. In terms of sports history, they are among the most iconic game used artifacts collectors of memorabilia in the US and Canada could ever hope to own.

Henderson and Eruzione arre perhaps the mot iconic figures in national sports history for their respective countries.

Now, I wouldn't buy them, but the selling prices do not surprise me at all.
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