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Originally Posted by Jiggy_12 View Post
Just gonna hop in here to say that Intersteller continues to be the most incredible movie ever made.

Even upon repeated watchings, it's firmly entrenched in my #1 overall.
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The Holdovers (on Amazon Prime) is one of the better films I've seen in the last 5 years or so. It's not earth-shattering but it's just a extremely well thought out story that's really well edited.

If interested, read up on how they filmed it visually. They basically shot it digital but wanted it to look like film that was used from the 70's. Lots of work needed to produce that look. It's kind of insane.

Paul Giamatti gets a lot of the best actor buzz (deserved) but the real MVP for me was Da'Vine Joy Randolph.

I'm glad movies like this are still being made.
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I think the Academy Awards damn near nailed alot of the best picture nominees this year.

granted, i havent seen maestro, which may be an outlier, but the rest of them are all easily watchable and entertaining movies, rather than immense art-house flicks
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American Fiction is playing at Canyon Meadows starting this Fri, Mar 1st.
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I haven't seen all the Saw movies but I watched Saw X because it was rated 80% on RT and 89% with viewers so how bad could it be? Well pretty bad actually. Sure there's some gore and creative kills but the 2nd half of the movie is so bad and the story laughable. Maybe you have to be one of those people really attached to the characters but this is not a good horror movie.

Thanksgiving was better but still not as good as RT would lead you to believe. Some really good gross out scenes and funny moments but could have been better. Still worthy of a watch if you are a horror buff.
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Originally Posted by Engine09 View Post
American Fiction is playing at Canyon Meadows starting this Fri, Mar 1st.
Sweet. I think I'll go again.

Movie buffs: This was one of my top five favourite movies in the past two years at least. Do yourself a favour and hit it. It's exceptional.

I watched "Sometimes I Feel Like Dying" at Canyon Meadows on Monday. Quite the downer with no real pay-off...I don't recommend.
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The first 90 minutes of Interstellar is actually pretty stupid if you think about it. Like most Nolan movies you really have to turn off your brain and all common sense and just enjoy the wonder. The black hole stuff actually makes more sense than most of the first hour and a half.

But that’s a theme for most of his movies. He’s more about spectacle than having coherent plots. Pretty much every movie he makes, except Oppenheimer, has plot holes you could drive a semi truck thru.
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I remember seeing it in Imax in Toronto the weekend it came out. Best theatre viewing I've probably ever had. Also the first time I've experienced a room full of theatre goers weeping in unison.
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Interstellar is so good, but what's interesting is it had a luke warm reception upon release. It only has a 73% approval rating on Rotten tomatoes, which is less than Ant-Man 2 It also did okay but not great at the box office, finishing in 10th place behind The Amazing Spiderman 2

It's been 10 years since it's release and it's now considered a masterpiece, among the greatest Sci Fi films ever.

Time does funny things to movies.
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