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Finally progressing.
All three characters at around 358 after what felt like forever under 350.
I still haven't run any of the raids though, which is pretty frustrating. There doesn't seem to be much of a sherpa community on Xbox one in D2 like there was in D1.

I used to help so many people through. Now, it's like the day after Spire of stairs dropped, people were already looking for like 10+ clears to run.
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k im just not going to respond to your #### anymore because i have better things to do like #### my model girlfriend rather then try to convince people like you of commonly held hockey knowledge.
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Completed my first Escalation Protocol last week out of the blue. Was doing Flashpoint on Mars with a buddy. About 1:30 before a public event starts, my buddy starts an EP. I give him flak for being a jerk for starting one just before a public event started. Turns out we finish it and I got the SMG to drop lol.
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