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View Poll Results: Pick the best prospect from the following
Adam Ruzicka 0 0%
Alexander Yelesin 0 0%
Andrew Nielsen 0 0%
Artyom Zagidulin 0 0%
Carl-Johan Lerby 0 0%
Demetrios Koumontzis 0 0%
Dmitry Zavgorodniy 0 0%
Dustin Wolf 0 0%
Eetu Tuulola 2 0.70%
Filip Sveningsson 0 0%
Glenn Gawdin 0 0%
Illya Nikolaev 0 0%
Jakob Pelletier 40 13.99%
Jon Gillies 0 0%
Josh Nodler 0 0%
Justin Kirkland 0 0%
Linus Lindstrom 0 0%
Lucas Feuk 0 0%
Luke Philp 0 0%
Martin Pospisil 0 0%
Matias Emilio Pettersen 13 4.55%
Matthew Phillips 0 0%
Milos Roman 0 0%
Mitchell Mattson 0 0%
Nick Schneider 0 0%
Oliver Kylington 224 78.32%
Pavel Karnaukhov 0 0%
Rinat Valiev 0 0%
Ryan Lomberg 0 0%
Spencer Foo 0 0%
Tyler Parsons 7 2.45%
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Originally Posted by GranteedEV View Post

- Zavgorodny is an interesting one. I see that no one else is quite as high on him as I am, but there's much to like about him:

Lerby? (not too familiar)

And then the rest

I am actually quite high on Zavgorodny. His production was fantastic to start the season, but just as impressive to me was seeing him put pressure on the backcheck and steal the puck. He seems to have one of those proverbial 'non-stop motors'. I have him right after Pettersen and Phillips. The Russian factor isn't a very big thing to me with this kid, as I view Russians that came over to play in Junior as fairly safe in that regard, unlike drafting them out of Europe. He is a special talent, and is anything but a one-trick pony. Nice to see someone else really liking him as well.

Interestingly, i see Sveningsson is a bit low on your list. I have him as the very next prospect after Zavgorodny. He just seems to do everything very well and I think has strong middle-sex potential. I actually like him more than Tuulola, as he seems to do more with and without the puck.

Koumontzis I am not sure what to make of as I haven't actually watched anything from him really (not that I have watched the above guys a lot mind you, as I do have a life, and didn't get a chance to watch any ASU games), but I have followed some other prospects much more closely. I will have to defer to you and some other posters that have followed him more closely. He is definitely a prospect to watch this season when possible, that's for sure.

Crazy how strong the Flames have become at drafting over the years. That thread over at HF was worth looking at, as it showed that the Flames have indeed been one of the best drafting teams in the league over the last while now.
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Originally Posted by Calgary4LIfe View Post
...Crazy how strong the Flames have become at drafting over the years. That thread over at HF was worth looking at, as it showed that the Flames have indeed been one of the best drafting teams in the league over the last while now.
What thread is this? Can you provide a link?

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Originally Posted by woob
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Originally Posted by Textcritic View Post
What thread is this? Can you provide a link?

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Jakob Pelletier
Terrific two-way winger with a balanced skillset of playmaking and scoring. 30 even-strength goals in 65 games as a first time draft eligible is a big positive, as is his generating over 3 shots per game. Not afraid to go to the tough areas despite his size but does so intelligently and with a positive purpose. Very smart player.

Ceiling: 1st line W
Probable: 2nd line W
Floor: 4th line W

Also in consideration
Oliver Kylington
Struggled in his first extended stay in the NHL but that is to be expected given his age and the side of his game that needs the most work. Fantastic skater and excellent in the offensive zone, but large questions remain with his neutral zone play and especially defensive zone play. Fairly good in transition but prone to high-risk decision making. Erratic at best in the defensive zone and puts a lot of pressure on his defensive partner. His physical attributes are perfect for the "new" NHL, but quick tactically-sound decision making is equally paramount.

Ceiling: #3 PP QB
Probable: #4/5 offensive defenseman
Floor: Tweener

Martin Pospisil
Passable two-way utility player but a loose cannon. Big on-ice discipline issues but deserves a pile of credit for reigning that in relative to last year (still wild compared to peers). Despite that, his per-TOI production is very very impressive, even if his individual ability to generate shots is average. Excellent on the powerplay. If he can improve his skating, and pick his spots of aggression a bit better - which should come with maturity - he could be a coveted player with a mean streak who can also contribute offensively. I see him playing wing full-time as a pro.

Ceiling: 2nd line W/pest
Probable: 3/4 line W
Floor: Loose cannon bust

Emilio Pettersen
Fantastic numbers on the surface and getting a ton of hype as a result. Saw much more of a playmaker side of his game developing in his first year of college. However, he scored 1 even-strength goal in 40 games and generated fewer than 2 shots per game - both of which cause me to pause as I value both highly in offensive prospects. I am very keen to monitor his progress next season as 1 even-strength goal is a massive red flag to me, but his progression in playmaking while playing against those up to four years older than him cannot be discounted either. I also value the opinion of some others who remain confident in him. Pettersen is the biggest mystery for me right now.

Ceiling: 2nd line C/W
Probable: undetermined
Floor: Tweener/bust
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