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Default iPhone camera

For those of you that have had both the iPhone 4 and 4s. Is the camera worth buying the 4s? Currently I have the 3GS and the camera sucks. But it's the one camera I constantly use. My wife has a good slr that she uses at events and such. I just use my phone for random things. Like snowboarding with the kids, playing around outside. My phone is always with me, so it's what i use.
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I don't know if the 4s has any camera improvements, but the pictures I have seen from a iPhone 4 make the ones my 3GS practically take look like crayon drawing.
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I'm pretty sure the 4S is a solid step up from the 4 as well. I think the 4S went to a 8MP sensor. I'm not expert and I know that MP aren't the end all, but everything I've read/seen points to the 4S being better than the 4. So to go from the 3GS to the 4S should be a notieceable jump.

*Edit: Added a possibly helpful link*
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I have a 3GS, and a couple of friends have 4S's. During World Juniors I forgot my camera and attempted to use my iPhone, and my friends used their 4S phones. Like Rathji said, the difference is night and day.

Having said that, I am going to wait for the next iPhone to come out; last rumours I heard indicated that would likely be this fall.
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If you use it heavily I would go for the 4S. My wife has the 4 and I have the 4S and my photos are quite a bit better imo. The difference isn't so much the megapixels as it is the aperture range. You can get a nice shot in a slightly darker environment with the 4S, and it's made a big difference for me.
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while the 4S is the best camera out of all the iPhones, why not wait a few months an get the newer iPhone?

to add to others' comments, there are a poopload of apps that make the camera even better than the native 4S camera software. most will only support iPhone 4 and up (iOS 5 and up).

iPhone 4 and up has a flash an way better macro than 3GS
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4S camera is significantly better (then the 4), its pretty darn good for a phone
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My wife and I both had the 3gs. I upgraded her phone just because she's with the kids more and we don't want to miss the random shots.

The speed, performance in low light, resolution and 720p video make it worth the upgrade. I only use my 3gs camera for utility type pictures - bulk food bin numbers, where I parked, whiteboard diagrams at work etc.

If you already have access to a dslr I would argue the 4s would be a better choice than a compact point and shoot.

For the buy vs wait for iphone5 debate, check out It says neutral right now and estimates it is at about halfway through its average lifecycle.

Iphone 4s has an hdr mode which is worth googling about. It seems to take better pictures that don't have any movement in the scene.

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