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Originally Posted by PepsiFree View Post
Some people just have an agenda and make up their minds long before any given result tell them they should.
That cuts both ways.

But let's keep policing other posters here on the way to be True Fans. Sure, it's never worked in the past. People on this forum still have an infuriating habit of following the Flames in whatever way suits them. Maybe we just have to up the dosage of shaming and conformity. That'll probably work.
Originally Posted by fotze View Post
If this day gets you riled up, you obviously aren't numb to the disappointment yet to be a real fan.
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Originally Posted by CliffFletcher View Post
That cuts both ways.
So people who don't say that the coach gets all the blame for failures and none of the credit for successes are just as bad as those who do?

Interesting standard.
WARNING: The preceding message may not have been processed in a sarcasm-free facility.
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