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Default Google Search Results

Anyone else getting little icons that appear in your Google Chrome search results?


Makes my search results look cluttered and ad-filled. Annoying AF! On IE it doesn't show up, but Chrome it does. Not sure about other browsers.

Anyone else get these? I read that it's a random 'test' they're doing to certain users as a trial. Not sure how true that is, but it would be nice if it could be turned off somehow.
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I know the Ublock Origin Chrome extension allows you to block certain page elements, you might be able to try that.
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I get those, they're the site icons, I kinda like it as it's more information, I can find the Wikipedia entry faster by seeing the Wikipedia icon.
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I do not see those in my search results on Chrome, with or without the ad blocker turned on.
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I don't get them either, but if some are and some aren't, it's probably a beta feature Google is toying with.

And given how badly Google effed up with another beta feature last week, they should probably be announcing these things publicly beforehand. Though, of course, site icons aren't going to be nearly as problematic as breaking Chrome itself in Enterprise environments.

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