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Originally Posted by Robo View Post
I hated my nest also it was annoying I sold it and got an ecobee but I dont really use any of the features on it
I tell everyone the point of a smart thermostat is not the money savings. It's worth every penny not having to get out of the warm bed to adjust temps and just be able to adjust the temp from your bed via phone.

If there's a cost savings and features benefit, that's just pure bonus.

Other than the auto learn schedule, I didn't notice any annoying features? I mean the auto learn always just wants to turn down the temps constantly and never run AC or HVAC. The Algorithm is stupid.
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Looks like the Nest we picked up will be going on sale for $249 for Black Friday and we can get it price adjusted, so from a regular price of $329 - $80 - 17.5% because we were able to buy it from Canadian Tire with an employee discount, then - $75 for the rebate means we’ll pay around $130 before tax. Not too shabby in the end, even if it’s not perfect.
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Originally Posted by DoubleF View Post
The Nest has sensors now which might negate the difference slightly, but to me, they seem really rudimentary vs the Ecobee sensors. What are your opinions on how well the sensors work for the Nest and what differences between the Nest and Ecobee were the most jarring to you?

I've also heard complaints vice versa Ecobee and Nest about interfaces. Do you have a down and dirty pros and cons about each? I have tried to read up on the differences and many of the explanations aren't super helpful IMO as it seems obvious that many individuals are often parroting things they hear rather than discuss actual practical things they know about the units.

I just sent in my application for the rebate. Now to wait 6-8 weeks.

If I had to give a summary about interfaces, I would say the Nest was like iOS and the ecobee is like Android. There was way more I could control with the Ecobee, the interface had more data. I appreciate both of them, they both operate on their apps similar to the device so they're familiar. Each are responsive, each just seemed to work.

I have submitted to them a few times to have custom scheduling, I can't for the life of me figure out why thermostats stick to 5+2 or whatever. Why can't I just input what I want over a number of days and have that repeat. Its a completely useless feature to have the scheduling and preheating and whatnot when I follow a 4 on 4 off schedule. I was told it would be sent to development to look at but that was years ago.

I do like that I can add programs in addition to "home" and "away" that I can activate a specific set of events with that button.
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