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Originally Posted by Locke View Post
I would love to see Lucic challenge someone to a fight and then watch them skate away and be unable to catch them.
He’ll just stalk him throughout the whole shift and then tackle and cheap shot him like he did to that Tampa player.
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Originally Posted by jayswin View Post
I think you guys that think Lucic can be anything are nuts. He's the definition of 30+ players that lose enough speed to become completely replacement level or worse at the NHL level in the blink of an eye.

We've seen it over and over with young players getting faster and smarter every year. Lucic is done. He'll get a little slower each year and he's too slow to contribute now.
I really think it's getting to the point where teams shouldn't offer long term deals to any players 30+ unless at the time they are still very good skaters. It seems that guys that don't skate well just fall off a cliff at 30. Young players are coming into the league are better skaters than past generations and the league is getting faster.
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