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Default So you want life insurance and don't want to meet an advisor?

Well we now have a solution! Before getting signatures and things like that was an absolute necessity to get a stand-alone life insurance policy. This meant meeting with an advisor, not once, but twice. Sometimes that becomes tedious though. People are busy!

Now we have a solution where meeting face-to-face is no longer a requirement. If you are in good health, and have a really straight-forward medical history, you can now get coverage by completing an application over the phone and then emailing some documents. We're not quite at the point where this is a solution for everyone, but its a big step for the insurance industry!

One other huge advantage of these policies is that you hear back within a couple of days. Personally they responded to me and gave me a decision on my policy three hours later! To put that in context, a "normal" application takes a couple weeks at the soonest, and sometimes much longer.

A couple things about these policies:

1a) There is no medical to complete. No big deal, but its much faster, and if you're a wimp (like me) and hate needles, that's another obstacle out of the way!

1) They are just like a policy that you would buy from an advisor directly; the coverage is solid and underwriting is not completed at the time of claim (as it would be with mortgage insurance for example)

2) The coverages offered today through this program are term policies only.

3) At this point if you have health issues we might still be able to get you coverage, it just depends on the exact situation. This simple application process likely isn't for you, but there are still relatively easy options to make that happen.

4) If you apply this way and it doesn't work out, its not all for naught. We can easily switch from this kind of application to another so that you can continue with the application in a more standard format.

5) Before someone asks, no we can't just have you login somewhere on the internet and fill this out on your own...yet. I think that is coming eventually, but not quite yet.

6) The only company that I'm aware of with this is Manulife. I offer other companies for sure, but not through this simple, fast application at this point.
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