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so, they are currently announcing enforcement rules?
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I turned on Danielle Smith on the radio today and if anyone is looking for a reason for the spread of the virus look no further. The Libertarian approach to a pandemic that she and her listeners/callers has is terrifying. The thing is that many of the people who called in sounded like they were older and the exact population that should be staying away from crowds. Someone even bragged about how they were looking forward to having 8 friends over to her house, because she had the right to do so. I couldn't believe what I was listening to and yet she being the host didn't do anything to calm down the frenzied masses of "muh rights" people, instead she made mention about how awful mask bylaws were and how they negatively impacted, something, and something about tyranny and dependence on government.

How this loon has a voice of reason on a major public broadcaster is beyond me.
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Originally Posted by Mr.Coffee View Post
Even though Shandro had a fit the enforcement issue is a very valid question and I am legitimately interested in the answer. It’s part of keeping people accountable.

I’d like to see the question asked repeatedly at any of these press conferences until we actually get an answer. Perhaps Tyler can go work on that if there is no plan. I’m not entirely sure if that is his directive though or another groups or how that would work (AHS reaching out to local law enforcement? I have no idea).

Think about how China controlled the virus. I’m not quite there but we do need way stricter enforcement otherwise literally what is the point of making “rules”? If I tell my kids to do something and there is no reward or punishment they’ll probably just ignore me. Same thing here.
The reason shandro wouldn't answer the question and lost his cool like a 10 year old is because he knows it was his government that pushed for a lack of enforcement of the rules hinshaw wanted to enact.

It was a brazen lie dressed up as outrage.
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