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Borucki gets 3 games for throwing at Kiermaier.

Manfred's MLB is stupid. Borucki gets 3 games for handling things on the field the way baseball has always handled things. A beanball to the back. It wasn't at the head, knees, or any other sensitive area. Right in the middle of the back. And now a guy in and out of the lineup is losing 3 days pay for doing what he felt needed to be done.

And needs to be said every time a BS Manfred suspension comes down. The Astro's players got nothing for cheating for 3 seasons and winning a garbage championship.
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While we are at it. Could we please let teams challenge strikes and balls. I’m not talking every single pitch but maybe 2 to 3 challenges a game. So annoying watching ump eff things up in absolutely critical situations.
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