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Originally Posted by PepsiFree View Post
If he’s back in game 2, or even back this series and it doesn’t turn out to be anything major, I’m curious what, exactly, Scheifele was doing rolling around the ground looking like he’d been shot, given that nobody can even figure out what the injury is.

I have to believe it’s worse than they’re letting on. That type of reaction was extreme for a minor injury.
Well, in beer league my buddy was trying to avoid a player, caught his toe cap in the boards as he was turning to get away. 100% ACL tear. When he was lying on the ice he was biting on his jersey the pain was so bad. Looked very similar to MS after he went down. Having said that Elliote Caveman said he was seen in the bubble in a 'some type of walking boot' walking. So it may have not been too bad. Just strange to hurt that much then being able to walk on it shortly later seems odd.
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Originally Posted by jammies View Post
It's like losing a game of tic-tac-toe to a lobotomized chicken.
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Holy overreactions Batman

Flames didn't look good. Jets didn't look good either. Both teams have been mediocre all year, but it's the playoffs, and we should enjoy it. Flames are still the better the and the favorite to advance. No need for doom and gloom.

Refs seemed very biased. Could be because of Maurice. Could be because Jets were down in the series. Rinaldo/Bennett penalties were weak. Missed calls too. I expect them to be smarter, the Reffing to be better, and flames decisively win game 3
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