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Article on Cavalry with voting poll on your impression of ticket prices.
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^^^^ sorry for the double post (I think I posted this at almost the same time! (Not sure how to delete)

Some interesting comments regarding the season ticket release and stadium design;

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That poll can’t be what they were hoping/expecting, but then again they don’t seem to think the prices are out of line. I suppose the only thing to convince them is going to be a massive decline in actual tickets sold from the 1000 founding members.
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When the article refers to "safe standing", is that supporters?
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That article sounds like a club who's going to stick by their pricing scheme, unfortunately. As long as the supporters section has the cheapest tickets, I'm buying seasons, but I can completely understand why everyone here is reconsidering.

Safe standing does refer to the supporter section, yes. There is supposed to be safe standing in the South end, which is intended to be the supporters section. The member email did not show this, and think that initially confused and angered us supporters. The safe standing on the West side by the corporate section is intended for the walk up crowd.

Ian emailed me last night to say he'd get back to me shortly. Haven't heard back from him yet. I imagine he has a long list of people to get back to.

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