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Originally Posted by GordonBlue View Post
...Why would it matter? It doesn't really. But look at it this way. I lose and that's one less person from Edmonton here. I win, it's only one person who has to not mock Edmonton. There are still hundreds who can and will .

Just a harmless, fun bet.

What the hell kind of bet is this? Any time things go poorly for Oilers fans they disappear. So, for losing the bet you will just fulfill what always happens anyways?

Way to go out on a limb, there.

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Originally Posted by woob
"...harem warfare? like all your wives dressup and go paintballing?"
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Originally Posted by CaptainCrunch View Post
The more important thing was that Trent Yawney who Oil fans were over the moon about getting, who was supposed to put starch in the Oilers shorts, and lead their defense to levels of awesomeness not seen since the 76 Habs featuring a young non mustachioed Larry Robinson was kicked to the curb today.
Of course they fired Yawney, he's actually competent
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