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Old 05-05-2021, 02:54 PM   #181
The Cobra
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The Boston trio is as good a line in hockey as exists, both offensively and defensively.

Calgary's line is interesting but his still unproven over an extended period of time.

Since they really don't play anything like each other, I'm not sure why this was brought up, other than they are each team's best line.
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Old 05-05-2021, 02:59 PM   #182
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Originally Posted by Calgary4LIfe View Post
I wonder how much Ottawa would pay to keep Mathew out of Toronto? I mean, the answer is probably nothing, or at least next to nothing, but I bet they would hate Mathew in Toronto.

I am already eagerly anticipating the thousands of rumours that is going to start swirling around this team this off-season, including the front office, some of the assistant coaches and of course the players.

Hmm.. maybe the Flames should hire someone like Davidson to analyze this team and help figure out what moves should be made?
Is Tkachuk in TO really a risk given their present salaries? They are already paying 3 guys $11M, plus they have Nylander at $7M and 3 D at $5M+. They will save some money if they cut Andersen loose, but they will still need to sign a goalie to play with Campbell. Kerfoot is $3.5, Holl is $2M. Hyman is a UFA and will get a raise if they keep him. Dermott is an RFA. I’d guess they want to sign Galchenyuk as well.
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Originally Posted by Jeff Lebowski View Post
Gaudreau - Lindhlom - Tkachuk is CGY version of Marchand - Bergeron - Pasternak.
I actually do agree with this comparison. Lindholm was actually compared to Bergeron by Geoff Ward who use to coach in Boston. Although I think Lindholm is the better offensive player and I think his play style is actually a little closer to a Jonathan Toews than Bergeron IMO.

Tkachuk is definitely the Marchand of the group. A lot of heaviness in both their games, both are #### disturbers and play drivers.

Gaudreau by default is probably the Pastrnak of the group. Not the most apt comparison. But regardless, I think Gaudreau is the best play driver/playmaker on the team and draws the most double teams and opens up space for his linemates. I don’t think he’s the trigger man on the line though, I think that honor goes to Lindholm.

Lot of skill, talent and some 2 away ability on this line which is somewhat comparable to the Boston trio. They don’t have the same goal scoring capability, but they can create a lot of plays on the rush, they can generate a lot of scorinf chances on the cycle and they draw a lot of penalties. So ultimately, even though both lines may be unique in their own way, I think the Flames trio have the potential to be as high end as the “perfection line.”
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