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Default Free: Panasonic Stereo System - Great for a garage/basement

Seemed like a shame to recycle a perfectly good stereo system, so figured I'd put it up on CP.

Its a Panasonic SA-PM31 stereo system, with ALL OF THE FEATURES YOU'VE COME TO EXPECT FROM A TOP END 2002 SYSTEM

We got:
- Casette Player - check
- MP3 (aka aux in, red/white) - check
- 5 CD changer (not 3, not 4, BUT 5!) - double check
- AM radio (amplitude modulated) - check
- FM radio (Power 107 plays today's best music, NOW SHOW ME MY MONEY).
- Surround sound mode
- Each tower is a separate unit from the base station, so can each be wall mounted or placed for optimal dope listening of Dr.Dre's 2001. Each speaker unit has a bass driver and tweeter for the high notes from Vengaboys.

In all seriousness, its in mint condition, actually looks very modern, and with the aux in, you can connect it to a bluetooth receiver, TV, iPod, or whatever modern device.

Great for classic cassettes as well when feeling nostalgic. Basement, garage, or even the centrepiece of your living room would be great spots.

Hard to tell from the video below I found, but its pretty compact as well, only 10" high

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PM’d. Thanks.
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She gone! Thanks all
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