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Originally Posted by Weitz View Post
Had our season long draft last night. Ended up with 1st overall for once!

QB - A. Rodgers
RB1 - S. Barkley
RB2 - D. Montgonery
WR1 - T. Hill
WR2 - M. Evans
Flex - P. Lindsay
DST - LA Rams
K - H. Butker
BE - W. Fuller
BE - C. Davis
BE - B. Roethlisberger
BE - J. Witten
BE - N. Hines
BE - K. Hunt

Overall im cautiously optimistic. The last few years I have loved my teams but they just end up letting me down!
That's a solid team but I feel like Hunt is a wasted pick in redraft leagues. If you run into injury problems, he's going to be one of your first drops.

I had my second draft of the year last night (12-team PPR) and ended up with this:

QB - Lamar Jackson
RB - Fournette
RB - Aaron Jones
WR - Hopkins
WR - JuJu
TE - OJ Howard
Flex - Marlon Mack
D - Broncos
K - Elliott

BE - Damien Williams
BE - Corey Davis
BE - Valdes-Scantling
BE - Kyler Murray
BE - DeSean Jackson
BE - N. Hines
BE - Goedert


In my keeper league I ended up with

QB - Kyler Murray
RB - McCaffery
RB - Conner
WR - Cooks
WR - Edelman
TE - Henry
Flex - Mixon
K - Elliott

BE - Golladay
BE - Trubisky
BE - Curtis Samuel
BE - Corey Davis
BE - E. Sanders
BE - Jaylen Samuels
BE - Chris Herndon

I think my redraft team is more balanced but my keeper team has the the potential to be an absolute monster.
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Unfortunately I play with hoarders and someone would take him and hold onto him. I am hoping it can be used as trade bait in case of injuries.
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In one of my leagues, the team I played had Lamar Jackson, Watkins and Tennessee D, needless to say, I'm not winning that one!
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I had Henry and Desean Jackson on my bench yesterday. Needless to say I'm getting destroyed.
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