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Default Issues with tweets on style sheet 2a

I donít know if Iím the only one experiencing this, and Iíve only checked on iOS, but tweets arenít loading on the new style sheet, and if I go to click the URL it redirects me to a twitter page that says the tweet does not exist. However when I revert to the previous style sheet the tweets load fine and clicking on them goes to the original tweet.

Has anyone else noticed this?
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I donít have an answer to your tweet question but I am wondering if anyone knows the answer to these questions;
ó- is there a way of permanently selecting 2A so I donít have to do it every time I go into CP. Settings somewhere?
ó- on my iPhone every time I close out CP then go back in I have to re-login. Even though I have selected to keep me logged in. Is there a solution to this?
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Maybe you disabled cookies in your browser?
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Tweets never worked for me in 2a from the day the site was updated to embed tweets. I tried everything I could think of in Chrome - disabled adblockers and tracking blockers, extensions, cleared cookies - nothing worked. It's a stylesheet thing preventing those embeds. Having said that, clicking the tweet links would always load them up in Twitter for me.

Greybeard: User CP --> Edit Options (amongst column of choices on the left), scroll all the way down to forum skin, make and save your selection. Not sure about the login issue other than what psyang suggested
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Something has screwed up 2a now that I am getting add issues on it.
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Yeah I was actively doing stuff with it.

I've changed it to CP Style 2 TmpFix which should have the side ad fix plus also still allow embedded tweets.
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