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Originally Posted by neo45 View Post
He faced weak competition with mostly O zone starts and still was outplayed.
This was only the case when he was paired with another rookie in Andersson. When paired with a veteran in Prout who offset his game, Kylington's metrics were outstanding. I'm sure you realize that an all-rookie pair is going to have some struggles as every small error will cascade. Even then, for whatever little it's worth Kylington had a +3 goal diff at ES in 469 minutes and he led our three rookie defensemen in P/60. His contributions were clearly more nuanced than the shot metrics alone imply.

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"It's the one thing that pushes me - that it will be better than ever," he says. "And I know that my head will be better than ever: My mental side will be stronger than ever.

"And I also know I'm not even 21 years old yet.

"There's tons of years left to play."
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