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Originally Posted by Resolute 14 View Post
Also, his version of events will obviously be completely edited to make himself completely sympathetic. I wouldn't necessarily trust the referee's word for the same reason. Hopefully enough witnesses saw what happened to allow the truth to be known.
Yeah, just picture the sequence as reported by Grampa

Game over, approaching handshake line
Kid says “you’re a bad ref”
Ref absolutely blows a gasket at the 10 year old kid - “shut up and get off the ice!”
Ref pushes kid!
Kid’s head hits ice!
Kid slashes “ref’s shin pads”!

Gallant grampa hops on the ice to defend children and coaches everywhere

Seems a bit absurd.
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Originally Posted by troutman View Post
Why is grandpa or anyone not a coach on the ice at all?
This. We’re not looking at a case of self defense here.
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Update: Second person charged; no charges pending against the ref

Both Creighton and Cross Child are scheduled to appear in court Oct. 9.

Lethbridge police told CBC the referee is 51, and that no charges are being laid against him.
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