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Happy little update:

Cardioversion 2: electric boogaloo wasa success. Hopefully this whole mess is almost over and done with for me!


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I agree because it just hurts to live life normally because I canítí get enough sleep. I know that there are people who have done well with this issue but itís such a hassle to deal with if theyíre not talking about this.
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If you have a Philips CPAP or BI-PAP machine you should check to see if it's affected by this recall.

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Unfortunately Afib almost never happens just once. The good news is there are lots of good options to try minimize it.

Calgarypuck for Afib:

The top level site has lots of good info too.

Given you don't feel your afib (it can be incredibly uncomfortable for some), you may want go invest in a fitness tracker that can identify arrhythmias. More time in afib is more risk of another stroke, and also more risk of structural changes to your heart that will cause more afib.

Hopefully with the sleep apnea treatment you'll be good as gold!
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Sorry to hear that. My dad also has a lot of heart complications. The blood thinners are a pain too as you need to watch your Vitamin K intake as that is the clotting agent in your blood.
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Originally Posted by Hack&Lube View Post
Sorry to hear that. My dad also has a lot of heart complications. The blood thinners are a pain too as you need to watch your Vitamin K intake as that is the clotting agent in your blood.
That is mainly a problem with Warfarin. There are many other blood thinners on the market now where no monitoring is required at all.

I should clarify that the province does not like to pay for the new meds but with strong follow up from your doctor, they will acquiesce.
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I seldom browse into the Off Topic Forum, but I happened to today and this thread caught my eye near the top.

First off, thanks for sharing your story Blaster86. Hope your recovery has been going well these past few months.

Browsed through some of the giant apnea/CPAP thread, but there's lot there! Figured since this one was newest, just stick with it. I've had a CPAP for about 3 years, but I won't go into detail about my own experience as it's similar to a few other posters. If anyone has questions, I'm more than willing to answer tho.

There's been something I've been wondering tho and I don't think I saw anyone mention it. Does anyone have a CPAP and also sleep with a smartwatch with sleep/heart tracking on? I've had a really simple smartwatch for about a year. It's probably not super sensitive cause it's not high-end, but it definitely picks up movements in my heart rate when I'm awake. I haven't seen any spikes in my heart rate via the watch when I don't sleep with the CPAP. Also my sleep tracking data isn't significantly different with or without CPAP. If I recall correctly, my apnea rate was about 20-30/hour, so not severe as others here, but also not insignificant.

So I'm wondering if anyone here has compared their watch tracking data when sleeping with and without their CPAP.
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