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Originally Posted by Jimmy Stang View Post
That's a long read. I'll dive into that later because it looks interesting. My skimming leads me to believe: CSA and CanPL are just convenient scapegoats, but we all knew that anyway.
Well, here's the text is related specifically to the Fury. The overall Landsdowne and Osec situation is part of the bigger read, but the soccer side was very small as the issue there.

Ottawa in the running back when for an MLS franchise seems putting a cart before a horse,but that was Meylnk's idea.

But throughout 2019, the USL’s governing body — the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football, one of six FIFA fiefdoms — had been pushing the Fury to join the fledgling Canadian Premier League.

The Fury resisted, reckoning its value there would plummet to little more than C$1 million. Not only that, OSEG was concerned that the new Canadian League might not be around in a few years. CONCACAF forced the issue in November by depriving the Fury of its USL Championship credentials. OSEG balked at joining the Canadian league on such terms.

“The desire to join somebody who has issued you a ransom note was not particularly high,” Goudie said when he announced the suspension of the Fury’s operations.

Blame in the article goes soley on CONCACAF and the big bad ransom note provider CanPl. CSA not mentioned at all, because they avoided the Fury decision at all costs last year, forcing CONCACAF to have to make the decision on its own.

Bears repeating that Pugh, the Fury owner, is the only team owner in the CSA board.
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Article: "It's hard to operate pro sports teams in a city this size, without a helpful civic government."

Also article: "OSEG is or will be involved in running football, hockey, soccer, baseball, rugby and basketball teams in Ottawa."

It's pretty obvious the Fury won't be the only sports team leaving the city soon. Even if they manage to save the baseball team.

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