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Default Rogers - Phone Issue

Hey guys, hoping someone has some idea how to help me. I have looked online and visited 2 Rogers stores, and phoned Rogers help line (suggestion from store #2). In addition I have now tried a new phone (which has not helped).

My Issue is that my phone cannot pick up any data '2/3/4G' services from Rogers no matter where I am.

I am able to use my phone on WiFi to use the internet.
I am able to text people fine.
I am able to phone people fine.
When I try to open any website / application that uses data (not on WiFi) I get the error that I am not connected.

At Rogers they have tried giving me a new Sim card; and resetting my 'towers' which should of reset everything according to the employees.

I have looked in settings to ensure I have Data on and able to use Data.
I am on a family plan, where the two other members have no problems with connecting and using data.

I had a Samsung S6 edge (which is the phone that stopped working 2-3months back). After surviving with not using data, I got a new Oneplus phone to have the same issues.

FYI: When I just took off Wifi at home, I get rogers (full bars) and a E! which sometimes flickers to H+ (and might load data slow if really lucky). Most times (at friends earlier), it would give no letters or indication of any data.

Any ideas?

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Cecil Terwilliger
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Have you tried putting in someone else's SIM card? See if data works when you're on someone else's plan.

This sounds like a plan issue if it carried over between two phones. I'm assuming it isn't just your location since you said you tried it at a friends place.

Is the family plan new? Did data work on your Samsung before? Do you need to activate the plan to allow your phone to share? Not on the phone itself, but online thru your rogers account.
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I had a similar problem on Wind years ago, what solved it for me was checking in settings which network type you should be connecting to. I had it set for UTMS and it should have been HSPA. If you're on Rogers perhaps it should be LTE/HSPA?

Good luck! I hope you get this solved.
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I have tried using someone elses SIM card after I got the second phone and still encountered the problem. The other SIM card worked fine so it is 100% something to due with my number/plan.

I have been on same family plan for 3+years and it worked fine up until a few months ago (no changes to plan). Everyone else on the family plan works fine so it would appear to be something isolated to my number?

Very odd
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Is your APN profile on your phone correct? Do you have multiple APN due to you seemingly putting different SIM cards into your phone?

Under the supervision of a Roger's tech if you're not comfortable, consider deleting the APN and reinstall it over wifi?
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Sinny Darino
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I had this issue with Virgin/Bell a while ago... After months, and when I say months, i mean 2-3 here.. so months! of going into kiosks, calling into customer service, talking to their online chat and not being able to access my data anywhere, one rep on probably my 20th call in said to me...

Oh, someone here disabled data on your account, let me go and turn it back on...

Seriously people?

So call in to make sure its enabled... LOL
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I'd take it into Rogers again, make sure it's a Rogers owned store and not a Rogers branded third party store. I think the one in Market mall is owned by Rogers. Take out the sim and try it in one of the phones they have there. if it works, it's your phone, if not, it's your account and they need to figure it out on their end.
p.s. make sure the wifi is turned off in the store on the trial phone.
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Sounds like APN settings issue. We recently bought a kids smart watch/tracker for our son who has recently started venturing further from home and I had to set it up myself after adding it to our plan. It would not connect to EDGE/GPRS and I had to find SMS commands to send it to the phone number to enable it. Should be significantly easier to set it up on the phone as it's all in the interface. Just google your phone model and roger APN settings to see if it's set correctly.
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Thanks for the responses everyone.

I checked the APN and it was on the default Rogers instead of Rogers LTE.

I have now changed it over to see if I can keep connection throughout the day.

I will update later if it worked or not.

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Damn i was late to the party.. I was going to mention about APN because Rogers has quite a few (about 10 when i last checked) and some indeed have slower speeds than others. Well anyway, hope it works out.
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