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1. Marital Status - YES
2. Kids 15 and 13
3. Sports - Kids play hockey, soccer, girl guides and archery
4. Other Clubs - no time
5. How much you game - a few hours a couple times a week (sleep schedule suffers)
6. How many different games you play in a year. -one game mainly no really time/desire to play more
7. What platform(s) do you use? PS4

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1. Marital Status = Married
2. Kids = 1 newborn daughter
3. Sports = weightlifting
4. Other Clubs = N/A
5. How much you game = whenever I have the chance
6. How many different games you play in a year. = 10-15
7. What platform(s) do you use? = Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, Switch, PC

So...I try my best to game as it gets my head in a better place. That being said, I think I probably game about 2-4 hours a week if that and it's usually when everyone in the house is asleep. So like 11:30pm Friday night to 2:30am Saturday morning.

I try many games...I never complete them...but I try them. What has helped me lots is XBox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Access. I'd rather use those types of subscription services rather than purchase games.

When I was growing up my parents always used to tell me that when it came to food my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I think that applies to video games...I think I have more time than I actually do.
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1. Marital Status: Married, half a decade.

2. Kids: son, just slightly less than two years old.

3. Sports: Floor hockey. Occasionally running and misc physical activities like hiking, skating, yoga etc.

4. Other Clubs: My wife and I are social butterflies. We host larger social events (10+ participants) at our home every quarter and smaller impromptu social gatherings at my place once or twice every 3-4 weeks. We also go to friend's places regularly and it's often very rare that we won't see friends two weeks in a row. I also am in year 3 of a 3 year tax course that I am taking to supplement my accounting designation which often eats up my time.

5. How much you game: Inconsistent feast of famine approach due to a combination of extremely busy circumstances and not always running into games that really excite me (where I'll find other hobbies to participate in for a few months before returning to gaming. I also often game when the family is in bed (combination night owl and infrequent insomnia) at the dead of night, even on week days while still maintaining anywhere between 5-7 hours of sleep a day.

6. How many different games you play in a year. Depending on the definition of "play", I'll probably tinker with around 1-2 games a month that are abandoned after 1-3 hours of actual game play (ie: cheap games and PSN). I'll also probably get past the 75% completion point 5-6 times a year. I usually tinker with around 5-6 games a month (not always games I've never played) and I'll pick up certain games, cycle through a few games and circle back to games I put down every few months. Unique games per year, probably like 20 ish? It's at times hard to muster up energy with a little guy at times, so if a nap hasn't trumped everything, I find myself just vegging and streaming movies instead of gaming.

I have also gotten tired of the older stuff I used to play and now have settled as a lone wolf type gamer. I don't pour tons of time into games with little end goal and lots of grinding/repetition (MMO, online shooters, RTS etc.) and I don't often enjoy online gaming communities. So I play a ton of single player stuff instead.

7. What platform(s) do you use? 95% PS4 and mobile. More than half is PS4 and a bunch of mobile is just boredom games when I'm out in the world and my fingers get itchy or something. I also have a over 20 classic PSX/PS2 games on the PS3 that I got on a damn good deal two years ago that I paid something like $150 all in, but I haven't had time to play them at all. Hopefully after my course is over, I'll have a chance.

Occasionally, I'll tinker on the Switch, XB1 and PC. I sometimes wonder if I should have sold them, but I got such damn good deals on each platform, it'd be hard to re-acquire these consoles for what I paid even 6 months down the road, if I wanted to tinker with an occasional exclusive. I often just lend the idle consoles to my brother or friends and they in return will occasionally add to the games library.
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I also work a 4 on 4 off schedule, so my weeks are 8 days long.

1. Married
2. 2 year old and another on the way
3. Weight lifting (5-6/8 days)
4. No other clubs.
5. I game daily on my days off, at least for a few hours while the kid naps and more at night if I can. Days on I don't have time, except my 24 hour change (switching from days to nights) then it is beneficial for me to stay up late so I game usually from 2000 hours to 0100 hours.
6. I just finally built a new PC for the first time in a decade, so I am catching up on the backlog. But so far I have burned through 3-4 games since getting the system in the fall.
7. I only game on PC. Haven't had a new console since PS2, and even that I bought used after it was out for a few years. PC gaming basically solely since Ultima Online came out in 97.
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