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Originally Posted by calf View Post
I'd rather hear what your butler thinks about them
I am the butler...what would you like to know.
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I had a Bosch at my old place, mid level dishwasher bought on sale for $600ish at Lowes. Bought a high end Kitchen-Aid in my new house and it's a POS. Louder and doesn't do even close to as good of a job cleaning as the Bosch did.

We are actually selling our 2 year old $1600 Kitchen-Aid dishwasher because we have replaced it with a Bosch that was half the cost and is night and day better.
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Haha, people are spending 2k on a dishwasher? Wow.
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The MSRP on mine was $2k. I got it on sale though, I wouldn't have paid that. It seems to me that there is a huge increase in quality on these things from the sub-1000 price category to the 1000-1500 price category, and then diminishing returns above that.
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My Kitchenaid(stainless steel tub, white exterior) was about $700 on sale at Lowes a few years ago. It gets almost anything clean without rinsing. The only issue is plastic containers come out wet, but I also don't use the heat dry option because I'm such an environmental king(and cheap bastard). It also takes 2 hours for a cycle on eco mode which sucks, but you can run express in 45 minutes, which is handy. It just uses more water and electricity.
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Originally Posted by V View Post
Haha, people are spending 2k on a dishwasher? Wow.
I had money laying around since I didn't spend $10,000 on a bobcat.
My thanks equals mod team endorsement of your post.

Originally Posted by TheScorpion
Sorry if this is a stupid thread
Originally Posted by Barnet Flame View Post
He just seemed like a very nice person. I loved Squiggy.
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Originally Posted by squiggs96 View Post
Another benefit of the top rack is that it cleans the whole surface of the utensil. If you are just jamming 10 forks into one slot, some of them will come out with food on them.
I wish I had a 3rd tray. I have issues with spoons sticking together

Also Bosch owner here. Love it, just wished the cycle times could be less than 115min.

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Thanks for all this info, folks. I was hoping to get on it this past weekend but time got away from me. Will probably start researching this week for a purchase on the weekend, and will start with ideally Bosch given the kudos here.
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I bought Bosch dishwasher too and couldn't be happier.
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Wife & I bought a Bosch DLX (few buttons, no digital LED time screen) back in 2006 at time we built our home. Do not remember cost, but under $1k - definitely not the price some over $2k-$4,000 I just saw on Coast Appliances. There were a couple $1k or less though too.

Just this weekend the Sanitized light did not come on after it was complete.

Ran it again & normally the counter is warm, but no heat & again no sanitized light.

Other than that I agree with above - is very quiet in comparison to other dishwashers family had through the years. Do not recall those brands though.

Does it make sense to buy new or call for repair to see if it is a simple fix (soldering of a disconnected wire on main panel OR replace entire unit used for the heat / sanitizing).
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appliances , dishwasher

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