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Originally Posted by Hack&Lube View Post
I still don't understand the motivations behind the Brexiteers and I was a Political Science major (switched to tech for a paycheque) who visited the EU and sat in the European Parliament as a student and I watched the UK House of Commons regularly during the Brexit debates.

The best I can surmise is its all led by a hidden cabal of elitist business interests and public school Conservatives with political power and economic incentives all getting rich out of this somehow while the UK decays into a failed state and the buying power of the average citizen crumbles.
All a Russian spy operation I'm sure. (Which I'm sure did play some part actually.)

More seriously however, it's a demonstration of the harm xenophobia and nationalism can do.

I also feel that a lot of people today, probably from boomers to younger, have lost sight of how our societies really function. We/they take the relatively free and luxurious life we live as a natural result of history and technological advancement, not the product of millennias of work and design. A lot of people think nothing can shake our standard of living, which makes questions such as how a country is organized purely a question of preference, not reason.

Which is why you can't reason with them and you can't explain things to them, because they don't believe that anything you tell them matters. They not only don't understand how and why they have so many options available at the supermarket, they don't think it's important to know.

(And of course for the rich it largely is purely a question of preference, they'll always be fine.)

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