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Default FS - 3.5" Hard Drives IDE / SATA

I have a bunch of old hard drives that were used for backups and movies and other computer projects that I don't need anymore. They have all been newly re-formatted (exFAT) and there are no bad sectors. Discounts on buying multiples

Type Size Make Price
IDE 40G WD 10
IDE 60G WD 10
IDE 250G Maxtor 20
IDE 300G Maxtor 30
4x IDE 320G Seagate 30
IDE 500G Seagate 40

SATA 250G Seagate 20
3x SATA 300G Maxtor 30
2x SATA 500G Seagate 40
SATA 500G Maxtor 40
SATA 750G WD 50
SATA 1.0T Samsung 60
SATA 2.0T Seagate 75
SATA 2.0T WD 75

I also have a couple of enclosures for sale.

PM me if you are interested and we can work out a deal. Thanks
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