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How do you lose a game where the other QB throws 4 interceptions?

Calgary got beat on the ground all night long.

I also think the face mask penalty changed the game. Without that Calgary would have had a big lead at the half.
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Disappointing to see the offence absolutely collapse in the 2nd half. Was it 7 straight punts and an INT to cap it off? The run game was a complete non factor and the Dline got almost zero pressure on Davis when he dropped back.

This team has a lot to work on in the bye week before they face a far more potent offence in BC.
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Can't wait until the CFL adds that 10th team, week 2 byes are ridiculous
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Erick Estrada
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One of the worst home game performances if the Dickenson era as head coach. He did a terrible job getting the offense ready to play as Bo was bad and the receivers worse. Of all the Ottawa teams over the years that's the one that finally wins at McMahon? What a joke and I sure hope this is a wakeup call as that was a garbage effort from the coaching staff down.
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Danny Austin

A few things from media availability with Dave Dickenson this morning.
On Junior Turner and Ese Mrabure's injuries

"Nothing on injury-wise, I don’t think it looks good on Junior. Ese, no new information but he felt better this morning, Junior didn’t."

On Terry Williams

"Don’t have an update, just an ankle ... high ankles seem to take longer than middle or low ankle, he’s had kind of that chronic problem with his ankles. The last two to three years he’s had problems with his ankles, so we’ve got to make sure we get it fixed."

Doesn't sound like Ka'Deem carey is available to step in immediately if Williams is out for a little while.

"He actually had a procedure on his hamstring right before this game. We’re fighting it a little bit, but that wasn’t the reason we didn’t play good enough to win."
Tkachuk is more like Marchand than the other guys though. He's really ****ing good. He's just a total butthole.
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