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Originally Posted by Flamesguy_SJ View Post
Not entirely related to The Man in the High Castle, but you should definitely check out Jericho from the early 2000's if you haven't already.
I haven't but I might just check that out next.

Not to hijack/continue to hijack the thread.


I downloaded the ebook from the library tonight (as Captain alluded to how short it was).

I've finished Season 2, Episode 2. Do I finish the series, and then read the book, or just read the book now?

Also... no one mentioned Stephen Root was in this! Now I want the outcome to be that his character burns the place down and gets all the money. #MiltonRules
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Also, if you like the Man in the High Castle you should read Fatherland by Robert Harris. There's a movie too. It's a murder mystery/conspiracy in Germany that takes place in an alternate future when the Nazis won WWII.

Rutger Hauer is the main character in the movie!

In fact, you should read everything by Robert Harris. I've loved pretty much everything he's ever written. His Cicero Trilogy is amazing.
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Just finished Mr Robot a couple nights ago. I have a hard time thinking of a series that I found as solid beginning-to-end. There were brilliant episodes in every season, and there were things that I saw coming and things that I definitely didn't, but everything from a writing perspective felt like it planned and well set-up in retrospect.
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Anybody watch the series Wayne yet? If you haven’t, you need to.
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