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Originally Posted by Devils'Advocate View Post
*not sure if serious*

I was willing to pop the centre out of a twoonie... but I don't think I'd test melting a $100.
Wasn't my hundred. It was right when they came out and whole household was mesmerized by this new clear plastic money, so my dad offered one up and we had some fun with it. Crumple test, iron test, blow dryer test, tear test... it was for science!
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Originally Posted by saskflames69 View Post
Thank you for the sound financial advice, but what I'm trying to say is that $20 is a solid chunk out of my bank account
If $20 represents a solid chunk of your bank account, why even bother having one? Just keep your 5'ers in your wallet.

I feel obligated to point out that I'm writing this post while sitting on a chair made out of phat stacks of Hun'ers.
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The Bank of Canada is making a molehill out of a mountain.

The central bank had claimed that its new plastic $10 bank notes included an image of majestic Mount Edith Cavell, a prominent peak in the Canadian Rockies south of Jasper, Alta.

But a sharp-eyed professor in Toronto, who had hiked the mountain with his family, thought something was amiss when the image matched neither his memory nor his photos.
Eight months after Doshi's original inquiries, the Bank of Canada finally removed Mount Edith Cavell and Mount Marmot from its website description of the upper left image of the mountains, saying they're actually Lectern Peak and Aquila Mountain. Mount Zengel is also properly identified, along with some other changes.
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