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Originally Posted by darockwilder View Post
Man, I wore out that "Heartbeat City" tape. I can't believe he was 75?!? Definitely a unique and talented guy.
yeah. I forgot how much older the people in the band were compared to their peers.

used to enjoy this band back in the day.
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It doesn't even seem like it's been that long since Benjamin Orr passed away..but it is.

I was surprised they weren't in the RRHOF until last year, as they were one of the Leading American bands from that 70's classic rock thru the Disco era, and into the early-mid 80's synth pop sound. The band itself had it's share of talented musicians, but Ocasek was the one who seemed to bring them together. Not many bands could switch the singer, but still put out a hit song, yet the Cars could.

Plus as Cali noted...freaky tall skinny guy with a lot to be desired in terms of looks got the girl.

Back when MTV used to actually play music video's they had some quirky ones that got a lot of air play.

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I remember this as one of the weirdest, trippiest video's I'd ever seen at the time.

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