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Default NHLSL Sim League (STHS) has an opening for a GM
STHS simulator 2.0

Hello everyone,

The NHLSL after a very long stretch of having 30 active and participating GMs has a spot open.

We are looking for a GM who can be active on Google Talk and on the forums.

Once the season starts we simulate games every night; pre-season starts on October 1, 2013. We are a consistent and active league and we pride ourselves on providing realistic results.

Here are a few points of interest:

-Re-rates are based on NHL performance on a 2 year cycle, 60/40 weighted more heavily to the most recent year
-All RFA/UFA re-signings are based on a grid; any FAs who were not re-signed go into a pool and are available in a closed-bid process with no grid
-GMs are required to have Google Talk and be on there a couple times per week minimum and are required to be active on the forum
-New GMs have a 30 day review period for their trades to make sure established GMs don't take advantage of them; if the GM shows a proficiency for understanding asset values, we may reduce the review period.
-We use a salary cap

If you feel that you would function well with the above, kindly sign up on the waiting list at and I will reply to your email at my earliest convenience.

Thank you for your interest.

Best regards,

NHLSL Commish
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Rocky Raccoon
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You can also contact us via email at
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