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Originally Posted by dobbles View Post
what is so unsafe about it? and why would it be any safer if you were black?
In regards to Mississippi, relatively long periods (for the South) of sparse habitation on or along the highways, a distinct lack of friendliness towards visitors or "outsiders", and a history of racial tensions. Whenever I drive in Mississippi at night, I fully expect to see dueling banjos being played at a gas station by plaid, flannel wearing men who are missing a few teeth, drugs being sold and/or used at a Waffle House, someone watching my every move in a Walmart (should I step into one), and a burning cross on the corner of the courthouse.

And I'm not saying that it is safer for a black person; to the contrary, I think that it is less safe for a visiting black person.
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I've spent a bunch of time in Greenville & Pearl Mississippi and I can't say enough good things about it. The people were amazing and I find it a beautiful part of the country. If it interests you there is a Jim Henson museum in Leland and an AMAZING steak house called Doe's Eat Place in Greenville. Doe's is in a rough neighbourhood, but it's guarded by an armed security guard and it's an experience you have to have for yourself. Anyone who's anyone from Mississipi has eaten there and signed a picture on the wall.
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Before you bunker down for the night watch out for the dry county's(unless you don't drink of course). Nothing worst than paying for your accommodations only to find out you can't get a friken beer.

Personally I think you should just go strait towards the coast with maybe a night(or even 2) in Hattiesburg MS(it's only about 2 hours north of NO) but has great history. A place called Crescent City has awesome fresh seafood and great prime rib for beef lovers plus good times at night. I think all the local men are military and overseas because it was 2/3 hot chicks when I was there
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If you're anywhere near Lorman, MS, go to the Old Country Store. Possibly the best fried chicken in the world.
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I head down to New Orleans every year. And almost always head over through Mississippi and Alabama. The drive from New Orleans to Mobile on the 90 is awesome. It follows along the gulf coast most of the way. Lots of neat little coastal towns to check out. Bay St Louis, Pass Christian, Gulfport. Lots of gambling in Biloxi of you're into that kinda thing. I've met lots of cool people there, folks are super friendly. Mobile is a nice city, a bit sleepy.
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