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Default Power Ring Sub-Forum Guidelines

This is a forum where you can advertise your business, find new customers and network with others in your industry.

All the standard guidelines apply to this forum, but since there's advertising activity going on there's a few more things...

A minimum of 50 posts is required before you can advertise your business.
An exclusive discount for CPers or a donation to the server is required (discount is preferred). Basically in lieu of paying for advertising, you have to give back to the community.
No homemade or copied DVDs or tapes of any professional sports games.
No porn.
No alcohol, tobacco, or weapon sales.
No multi-level marketing. We appreciate that they aren't scams and are legitimate businesses, but we chose to not allow them.

No critical posts. If you have questions, ask them. Do not post links to competitors.

No scamming. Scamming is misleading the buyer or seller for the purposes of profiting. This may include selling something that is faulty or knowingly misrepresenting the quality of the item to inflate the price. If you scam, you will be banned and reported to the authorities. If you feel you have been scammed, please contact the mods.

We can and will delete any posts or threads that do not meet the above criteria or any posts or threads that we feel are not appropriate.
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