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Default New Game

Just for fun, here's the new game. I've posted a link to the TV show mashup generator. It will basically take two shows and mash them together into one show.

Now you're task if you accept it is to write a brief synopsis of the show as if your trying to sell it to a studio.

I mean chocolate and peanut butter, spreading jam on a pepperoni pizza or rain on your wedding day are all awesome.

title Mad about Lost

A middle age childless couple live in New York City in a small apartment Jamie is a PR specialist and Paul is a documentary film maker. Every Thursday night they snuggle into bed and watch the TV show Lost. When they reach the last episode they fly into a rage after wasting the last few years staying caught up. They go on a incessantly bloody tri state killing spree while being pursued by members of the New York City Police Department

Starring Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt, Terry O'Quinn and Josh Holloway.
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title Lost in Pains

Dr. Jason Seaver takes his family out into space to look for a new land to colonize. Along the way they encounter difficult alien situations causing the kids to learn about the dangers of drugs, sexuality and peer pressure, while bringing it all back together as a family after 30 mins. Danger Kirk Cameron! This show jumps the shark after Mike tries to convert every new species they meet to his cult.

Starring Alan Thicke, Kirk Cameron and introducing Leo DiCaprio as The Robot.
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