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Losing money was likely the wrong word to be used.

Carlo sums it up quite nicely in saying that the per user subsidy at the inglewood facility was higher than that of other similar facilities throughout the city.

This is exactly how the city should operate. It’s assets do not need turn a profit but they do need to have reasonable per user subsidies or the money is not being well spent and could be utilized more effectively elsewhere to offer services.
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I appreciate your articulation of the issue, GGG, thank you.
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It doesn't seem clear whether they are closing the entire Beltline facility (pool, gym, gymnasium, climbing wall, etc), or just the pool within that facility. Anyone know? I play floor hockey there (moved there after the YWCA gymnasium flooded and closed in 2013). There are no available gymnasiums in the core!
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Pretty sure it's the whole facility
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