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Originally Posted by lazypucker View Post
How is Spain the Leafs of football?

I hate, loathe the Oilers, I donít want them to win anything ever, like England. I canít stand the Leafs, I donít want them to win anything either, but if the Oilers played the Leafs for the Cup, Iíd hope the Leafs win (in this case, Spain)
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Wanted England to win but going into it I knew Spain were the better side and were going to win. Happy for Cucu but gutted for Palmer (and Gallagher) but mostly Palmer. England played poorly all tournament and shouldn't have been in that final.
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No question Spain was the class of this tournament and totally deserved to win this game. But there is a lot of England hate here. England had a lot of excellent young players on this year’s team and even more coming up the ranks.

Congrats Spain!
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