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Default Q&A with Tod Button

Athletic article from Cruickshank

This draft is apparently a deep one, especially up front.

Itís deep with forwards, for sure, but thatís just the top part of the draft. It evens out as it goes to 50, 60, 70 players Ö defence will get their say. The forwards are so good ó itís that way, more than a lack of (quality) defencemen.

Whether itís deep or not, you still have to find players.
You guys are getting a lot of praise for your work deep in the draft, in the later rounds, from reporters, from fans, from general manager Brad Treliving. For those sixth- and seventh-rounders, is there a different approach?

Our ownership gives us a lot of resources to do the job as best we can. We have a lot of area scouts. Weíve got a full-time guy in every area. Weíve got a full-time Quebec guy. Weíve got three guys out west. Weíve got three guys in Ontario. Weíve got three guys in the U.S. The more viewings you can get on a player the better, right? Those guys are very responsible for those deep-in-the-draft picks because they know them better than anybody. That goes back to having the resources to have these guys in all the areas.

Itís hard not to notice that you guys have drafted 14 consecutive non-defencemen.

Is that what the numberís at now? (Laughs)
Treliving says itís just a byproduct of going with the best player available, so itís not like you guys are actively avoiding defencemen or anything.

Thatís how it fell, absolutely. Organizationally, you want to take the best player available. Youíre cognizant of your prospect pipeline and where you might be weak depth-wise, position-wise, whatever.

Then you sign (college free-agent) Connor Mackey or a European free agent (Johannes Kinnvall of Sweden) and (Carl-Johan) Lerby last year. And we just signed some kids (Greg Moro, Koletrane Wilson, Noah King) to AHL contracts. Youíre doing it because you know thereís a gap there.
And other stuff about the draft.
Tkachuk is more like Marchand than the other guys though. He's really ****ing good. He's just a total butthole.
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