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Seinfeld had a few, as did Cheers and All in the family but WKRP's "flying turkeys" episode has to be one of the top ever in comedy.

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Originally Posted by Jacks View Post
Now that you mention it I think I remember seeing him at a show at that dinner theatre on 42Ave and Blackfoot like 20 years ago.

[googles] Stage West!
I saw Gary Sandy twice at stage west.

frack, I loved WKRP. young me thought Dr. Johnny Fever was the coolest. (right after Fonzie, of course)

not only was the 70's the golden age of ensemble sitcoms, but the golden age of theme songs, too.

sitting here and a few episodes/scenes stand out to me.

remember when Herb was "aging" scotch?

I remember the episode that referenced the Who concert that people were crushed at.

loved the episode that featured more Bailey when the Russian was defecting and Tiny dancer was the song for that. (I hard more of a crush on Jan smothers than Loni anderson.)

the funeral home one was cool.

even the start of the show when Andy switched the station to rock. I remember the Kiss poster he put on the wall, and johnny getting new life and becoming Dr johnny fever.

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Loved the actor and the show!

Its hard getting older when all of these people you followed at a much younger age are passing on.
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Still remember giggling every time his name popped up in the credits - even today. (some things never aren't funny)
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