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Default FEBRUARY Retail Incentive Program - Great Offers Inside!

Hi Everyone!

Great news on the rate front for February! Our brand has come out with the new incentives, and it's looking pretty promising.

The same discounts from January apply with the following:

(For All 2022 Models)

- 15% off Classic Body Style Trucks includes Classic Express & Warlock
- 10% off MSRP New Body Trucks includes Limited, Longhorn, Laramie, Sport, Rebel & Bighorn
- 10% off MSRP for all Durango Models
- $1000 Bonus Cash for New & Classic Body Trucks, Durango, Classic and New Body Grand Cherokee (Excluding Hybrid)

New to this month are the following additional incentives:
- $2500 Consumer Cash for WK (Classic Body) Grand Cherokee
- $1000 Bonus Cash applied to Wagoneer & Grand Wagoneer

The Rate portion is a little confusing but ill try to summarize:

Most 2022 models and select 2023s have this structure:

- 96 Months - 6.99%
- 84 Months - 5.99%
- 72 Months - 4.99%
- 60 Months - 4.49%
- 48 Months - 3.99%
- 36 Months - 1.99%

*These rates also apply to Wrangler which is amazing!*

- 36 Month Terms on New Body Grand Cherokee is at 0%

** Again this isn't for all models and years but more of a generalize overview**

Reach out to Chad for more details at 403-619-3275
Originally Posted by oilboy2
This deal is DONE, im not sure what the worry is. Heatly is an Oiler, just some paperwork to get done. This isnt another Nylander incident

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0% financing , rate drop

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