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Not Taylor
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Default Chronophoto

Try to guess the year a photo was taken. After about 40 tries my high score is 4621 -

1 - a hunting party in 1909. I was a year off, complete guess
2 - a Springsteen concert in 85, a year off
3 - an office photo in 89, a year off based on the style of computer
4 - a NYC street from 1977, 2 years off, educated guess based on fashions
5 - Trump as president, guessed exactly in 2018

My previous tries weren't as successful. I find the early 20th century difficult. And actually, the last 15 years are kinda interchangeable.

Post your high scores.
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2998 - got 1000 for one correct answer
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wow i got 4697.. don't think i'll beat that

car one - looked like gas crisis in the states.. 1979 - perfecto
stupid trump one - 2016.. nailed it!
some political rally of sorts.. clothing gave it away. guessed 1982 and it was 81
60's board meeting.. guessed 1960 and was 58.. oops
speed skating - clothes gave things away i guessed 84 and it was 83
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I've now confirmed that my perception of time is as poor as my time management.
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2697... I'll keep trying. Thanks for sharing this, it's pretty fun.
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I'm really terrible at identifying the early 1900's photo's. And I'm always surprised what technology I'm seeing in a photo from the first decade of the 1900's. Cool site. Not great for productivity though
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I got my first right one with some girls in tie dyed Feel The #Bern tshirts
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Kappernick kneeling is only one I have got right .
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I got a picture of a white Lamborghini Countach with some people wearing very bright windbreakers, I felt quite confident about my 1983 guess, site said the photo was from 1995. There's absolutely no way to figure some of these out
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I vary from close to 5000 to zero. Some images give me almost no clues at all.

Neat game.
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flylock shox
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Got 1000 on first guess. Promptly retired as champion.
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Sr. Mints
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4113. Thank you, JFK assassination and Diamond Jubilee

My next closest was 1160
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1500, was only accurate on photos with cars in them.
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3rd time in got a 4485, which included 3 perfect 1000s- admittedly all pretty lucky as there was nothing anchoring them to a specific year but they sort of screamed 1992, 1988 and 1973 respectively

missed by about 5 years each in a 1918 beach photo and a 1930 photo of some random vehicles
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