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Harry Lime
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Default Team Underdog

Who is the player on your team that you irrationally cheer for in real life? The player that would be difficult for you to trade or release because it's fun every single time he gets a rare assist, or scores an even rarer goal. The caveat is that he has to have little or no trade value in CPHL.

For me it's Alexi Toropchenko, of the St. Louis Blues.

23 year old RW that was taken #113 in 2017. His coach Craig Berube calls him the kind of player that you need to win a Cup. Works hard, plays tough, stays inside the rules. Shows flashes of skill but only sees about 10 minutes a game from the fourth line.

3 goals and 4 assists in 33 games. Here's to hoping that he puts enough together in the second half to re-rate at a playable 67OVR in the CPHL next year!
"We don't even know who our best player is yet. It could be any one of us at this point." - Peter LaFleur, player/coach, Average Joe's Gymnasium
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son of looooob
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Ville Heinola

I’ve drafted in the first round maybe twice in my Cphl history, one year I drafted Nic Hague and then in 2019 I drafted 3 times in the first round, drafting Heinola, Pelletier and Poulin, and once the nhl draft came and the flames drafted Pelletier and my second favorite team drafted Heinola I was quite happy. I figured I’d end up trading Pelletier as this is a flames forum and lots of teams would want him, but after my 2nd favorite team drafted Heinola I was going to keep close tabs on him. The next year, he made it in the NHL right out of the draft and I was impressed everytime I watched him.

He’s been inquired in a lot of trade talks over the years, but I’ve always had a soft spot for him and still am holding out hope that he can become a good NHL dman
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Elliot Desnoyers.

He was one of my first signings when I took over the Capitals. He was a guy who had just been drafted and his offensive popped in the D +1 season. Also seems like a solid teammate from where I am sitting. Would love to see him make the NHL and succeed
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Help, save, whatever.
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"The Stud" Jack Studnicka

The Bruins refused to play him and I was expecting him to get more time when he was traded to the Nucks. He plays every game with Vancouver but is getting under 10 mins a game. He's a defensive forward with some scoring pop but no one wants to play him in the Top 6. Give him a chance coach!
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lol 3 posts? Cmon..
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something else haha
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Samuel Blais for me probably. Love the way he skates and has all the tools but just can't put it all together.

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Jeromy Lauzon. Seems to be the key to my team chemistry. Whoever he plays with does well and when he was out we lost 5 straight.
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