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Originally Posted by oldschoolcalgary View Post
I recently read The Forever War, which is considered one of the great early sci fi book by Joe Haldeman. Really interesting ideas and concepts.

This made me want to read some of the other classic sci fi books from that era like Solaris, Roadside Picnic, The Stars My Destination, the Dispossessed, the Left Hand of God, Stranger in a Strange Land, A Canticle for Leibowitz etc

Luckily these older novels tend to be relatively short.

On a side note I just finished Project Hail Mary - fun read, very much like The Martian, that I would recommend... They are adapting this into a movie with Ryan Gosling and... Emma Stone?!

I love Emma Stone, but no idea how she is going to play Rocky (for those who read the book, they know what I mean).

Hopefully, they'll pull off some magic, like how Arrival was completely different than The Story of Your Life, but still worked great... Just hope they don't somehow turn it into something its not, like a romance.

OK if you look at the date that tweet was made, its April 1st 2022. Shame on you. And those who noticed and played along, shame on you too.

Nice dad joke though. Who else but Emma STONE could play ROCKY? Sylvester Stallone perhaps?

BTW, just finished reading the book. Absolutely fantastic and as good a read as The Martian, which is one of my absolute favorites. Hoping the movie turns out at least as good as The Martian did.

Next up I'm going to give Blood Feud: Detroit Red Wings v Colorado Avalanche by Adrian Dater a read. Gotta mix it up with some non-fiction every now and then.
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Jack Reacher - No Plan B. Typical new Reacher
Just finished YA trilogy by Holly Jackson - A Good Girl's Guide to Murder. Probably really good if you are 15, but fun anyway.

Yeah its easy reading fiction. I'm good with that
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I found an old pile of Michael Chrichton and Tom Clancy books. I was leafing through them and it seems its been long enough that I've kinda forgotten what's in the story.

Usually my memory is really damn good for stuff I read, but I'm getting excited to reread some of these almost as if I'm reading them for the first time again.

The only book I sorta recall, is that that in my head the Jurassic Park book had a totally different vibe than the movie. I'm looking forward to reading Prey again.
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