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Default Dallas can't get enough of those Oilers

The craziness continued late Thursday evening as the Stars and Pens hooked up in a very quick deal that sees the two teams swap young studs.

To Pittsburgh
Nico Hischier

To Dallas
Leon Draisaitl

All the trade credit goes to Goffie here as he sent me a PM that only needed 1 response - "sure".

From the Dallas perspective, I really like Nico, he was the only player in this draft i really wanted. With that said, i think his ceiling is what Leon is now, so to me this move just takes out any risk related to a kid that hasn't played an NHL game yet. I also do like Leon and think hes the real deal.

I don't know what to say about all these Oilers...its kind of gross but i'll see how long i can live with it.

Thanks Goffie for the easy and interesting deal.
All hockey players are bilingual. They know English and profanity - Gordie Howe
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Be better.
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Jiri Hrdina
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Somewhat surprising deal as I think Nico's upside is that for which Leon has already achieved. And having McDickButt and Leon on entries at the same time represented a unique window to win for the Pens with two cheap top line players.
Good deal for the Stars.
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Default Dallas can't get enough of those Oilers

From my perspective this was a follow up to another deal to be announced shortly.

My strategy will become evident then.

But I view this deal exactly as everyone else. I think Leon is the real deal. I feel that Nico's ceiling is the same as Leon's but this allows us to add experience to our lineup and give us a guy coming into entry level as Mcdavid needs a raise.

A lot of risk. But it's fun to gamble.

This was an easy deal to make. I identified a player that I would move Leon for. Thought it was a fair deal that fit both teams and it was done as simple as that.

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something else haha
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Losing an Oiler is a plus in my mind. Good deal Pens, now get rid of McCollarbone.

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I like it.
More happy that Leon moves to the west.
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