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Originally Posted by EldrickOnIce View Post
What I won't be traveling back for is my brother's memorial service. He passed peacefully this morning. I did not get the opportunity to quarantine in AB prior to Christmas, like we had planned, due to close contact and 14 day quarantine protocol here in Chi.
I agonized a few hours today, then decided it was selfish to consider going back at this time. It would ultimately only put everyone I love at unnecessary risk.

#### you, Covid-19

Sorry to hear. My condolences
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Originally Posted by CaptainReboot View Post
I was planning to taking the kids to Disneyland last Feb. Thinking maybe we do an Hawaiian Christmas in 2021.
We bought tickets to DisneyLand in 2019 and now it seems we will not get to use them until 2022 since they will not refund us. Even if they open this summer there is no way I would go close to that place. Maybe next year.
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Iím not confident travel will return to a normal enough state that Iím comfortable getting a plane this year. Iíve got a good chunk of WestJet dollars & a pair of companion vouchers which I have no idea Iíll get any use out of.

At this point I even stopped using my WestJet MasterCard as collecting airline dollars seems silly right now.
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Given the F so far on vaccine deployment this thread should be changed to 2022.
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Realistically, it was always going to be 2022.
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