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Originally Posted by Finger Cookin View Post
A newer book that really caught me by surprise has been Something is Killing the Children. Creative team is James Tynion IV, Werther Dell'Edera, Miquel Muerto, Andworld Design, Michelle Ankley, Gwen Waller, and Eric Harburn. It's a moody, atmospheric horror story, the kind of thing that is really not up my alley -- usually. It's really, really good. A teaser:

Sample artwork behind the tags:

And a link to a free preview PDF
I picked up the first four issues of Something is Killing the Children based on this post. I’m not a horror/suspense comic guy either but I’ve really enjoyed it so far. Creepy and a little shocking at times. I’d recommend it.
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I read the first trade of Gideon Falls by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino and it's fantastic. Maybe because i just finished The Outsider on HBO but it reads like an excellent HBO quality TV series. I'm not surprised it's been picked up by James Wan to be adapted for TV.

It's a horror series and worth checking out if you're looking for something other than the usual superhero stuff.

The 4th trade comes out in May.

You can read the first issue online here:

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What's everyone quarantine reading these days?

After reading Gideon Falls I fell down a Lemire hole and started reading a bunch of his older stuff.

I started with and finished Sweet Tooth and loved it. I'd seen it on shelf a dozen times over the years but the art isn't usually my cup of tea. The story is complete now with 40 issues and definitely worth your time reading. It's a very weird but touching post-apocalyptic story. In the same vein as The Road or Last of Us.

Then I moved on to Black Hammer by Lemire (Dark Horse). It's like if you mashed Justice League and Avengers into one comic with a dash of Astro City. It's a bit satire and bit homage. It's 13 issues long so a decently quick read. Until you realize Lemire's made numerous sequels to focus on various characters in the universe and they're all fun reads.

So I read Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil, a mini-series about the main villain of Black Hammer universe.

Followed that up with the mini-series Doctor Star & the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrow min-series. If you liked Starman by James Robinson (one of my favourite series ever) you'll love this one. It's one of the more poignant superhero comics I've ever read.

Next up are Black Hammer: Age of Doom, The Quantum Age and Black Hammer, 45. I still need to read Lemire's Essex County too.

Nothing but time these days so we might as catch up on some reading.
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