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Originally Posted by photon View Post
Yeah looks like DNS cache currently, but they'll probably try doing the change again today so I guess we'll see what happens.
Try this tool to help flush DNS cache.
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Why was the cert only good for 3 months? I'm not sure I've ever seen that before, every cert I've ever bought or renewed was always for 1 year
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They're free certs from Lets Encrypt which are only for 3 months.

I like the idea of short certs as it forces you to know how to replace them. At work 1 or 3 year certs it's always a scramble since almost every team has no idea how to renew a cert, how to replace it, no documentation, etc.

Anyway sorry about this, I usually have a thing in my calendar to do the renewal but I must have missed it.

I have a Dr's appt this morning but will renew the cert when I get home.

I should automate this...
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