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Such a sour win.. Hate the wild, and refs definitely have their moments too.
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Originally Posted by You Need a Thneed View Post
It definitely wasn’t conclusive. The line is sort of blurry, due to being under an inch of ice. The puck’s edge was never completely out of that blurry part, in any frame when slowed down.

In an Oilers game last week, Conner McDavid had a goal in overtime which was more conclusively over the line than this, and was called NO GOAL.
Actually, it wasn't conclusively over the line. Pretty much identical, actually. And like McDavid's, this one did not have sufficient evidence to overturne either.
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I don't think anyone here mentioned the little skirmish that Backlund and Staal were involved in. Staal was trying to rough-up Backlund, and Backlund responded just by grabbing Staal's face and shoving him down on the ice backwards.

Backlund is showing more and more truculence every season it seems
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